Passport Advantage provides more coverage with no monthly plan premium.

Besides covering for hospital stays, doctor visits, and many prescription drugs, Passport Advantage covers extra things that can help improve your life, including:

• $40 monthly allowance for over-the-counter items
• Hearing aids – up to $500 per ear, per year
• Eyeglasses – frames and lenses up to $125 per year
• Dentures – 1 set every 5 years

How much does Passport Advantage cost?

• $0 monthly plan premium!
• $0 co-pays for most covered services (combined with your Kentucky Medicaid benefits)

Passport Advantage covers prescription medicines.

Co-pays for prescriptions range from $0.00 – $3.35 for generic medicines. Kentucky Medicaid benefits may cover most of your other prescription medicines as well.

Together with Passport Advantage,
we can all live healthier lives.


Find out more about Passport Advantage’s benefits here:

2018 Summary of Benefits


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2018 Evidence of Coverage






Last Modified: June 6, 2018